Middle school level jazz band auditions will be on September 12th, 2019 at West Valley Middle School from 5 to 7pm. Sign-ups begin at 4:30pm and are first come, first serve. Audition requirements will include:

1) sight reading
2) a prepared piece (see links & instructions below)
3) chromatic scale & at least 2 major scales from memory 

Drummers will be asked to play time in a swing style, latin style and rock/funk style. They will also be asked to sight-read a drum part from a beginning big band arrangement.

Pianists, bassists, and guitarists should be prepared to sight-read a chord progression. Pianists and guitarists will be required to play 4 choruses on a 12 bar blues progression in concert “F”, comping for 2 choruses, and improvising for 2 choruses.

Sign-ups for auditions and questions regarding the group should be directed to Valerie Sanders. KJO looks forward exploring and celebrating jazz music with students of East Tennessee.

Email Ms. Sanders

Once the personnel for the band is chosen, rehearsals will take place on Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 8pm at West Valley Middle School. There is no fee for participation.

Click on your instrument name to download the prepared piece PDF

Instructions: Prepared pieces do not need to be memorized.

Trumpets and trombones will be asked to play Unison Passages A and B as well as measures 15-35 of Until I Met You pdf.

Pianists will be asked for measures 1-25 of the "Take the A Train" pdf.

Saxophones, Bassists, & Guitarists will be asked to play measures 1-31 of "Take the A Train" pdf."

Alto Saxophone

Tenor Saxophone

Baritone Saxophone